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Sunday, October 14th - Radical Hope

With Rev. George Buchanan

Welcome to the UUCGC

We are an open-minded, progressive spiritual community.

Narcotics Anonymous

Every Monday and Wednesday night from 7p to 9p, the UUCGC hosts an NA meeting in the sanctuary.

We provide a caring and compassionate community, nurture the spiritual growth of our members and friends, promote religious freedom and social justice, and celebrate diversity.

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 Lauri Molnar, President

Lauri Molnar, President

The Seasons Are Changing

As we pull out our winter sweaters, rake our leaves, and snuggle around a fall fire it is also time to embrace new ideas, action for social change, and a deeper understanding about our Unitarian Universalist principles and how we at the UU Congregation of Greater Canton can support each other and our community.  We have much to lean but together we can rise to the challenge and examine the new ideals presented each Sunday.   

Our creative contributions guide the work of the UUCGC and we all contribute to what makes our liberal faith and each of us individually walk the walk and talk the talk about our Unitarian Universalist inclusive faith.   As Adrienne Maree Brown says in Emergent Strategy, “Your quality of life and your survival are tied to how authentic and generous the connections are between you and the people and places you live with and in.”  Gather with us and find ways to connect and help our community through the chilly seasons to come. 

Things to know:  The children will return to the religious education programs starting Sunday Sept. 23rd through the direction of Marty Livingston.  Rev. Beth Marshall and our Commission Lay Minister Deb Kotte in October will launch a four-part adult religious education program.  Also, attend the next social justice meeting after church on Sept. 23rd and learn about projects where we make a difference in our community.   

Be grateful for the work we did this summer in making and giving of sustainable cleaning products to the YWCA shelter and for the books we collected and donated to those incarcerated at our local jail because together we gathered and made a difference!

There is so much to come see:  

Lauri Molnar, UUCGC President

 Marti Livingstone, Director RE

Marti Livingstone, Director RE

Waving the UU Rainbow!

Starting Sept 23, the children will explore the Seven UU Principles through stories, discussion, crafts, and social action projects. Each lesson will give them the opportunity to learn how to respect and accept others' opinions when they differ from their own. They will give back to their community of faith by presenting a winter pageant based on the story, The Polar Express. Later, in the spring, they will create and put on a service using one of the seven principles as their guide. It’s an exciting and meaningful journey. Come join us on Sept 23 as we start the adventure. Check out our entire fall line up here.

The success of our Religious Education program depends on enthusiastic volunteers. Please consider helping out in one of the most important and rewarding UU endeavors. There will be a meeting on October 7 after the service for all parents and interested parties to discuss how we can make the RE stronger and richer. Part of spiritual leadership is the giving of your time and talents. We would gladly accept yours!