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Sunday, August 19th - 2nd Annual Book Collection

With Maya Waller

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We are an open-minded, progressive spiritual community.

Narcotics Anonymous

Every Monday and Wednesday night from 7p to 9p, the UUCGC hosts an NA meeting in the sanctuary.

We provide a caring and compassionate community, nurture the spiritual growth of our members and friends, promote religious freedom and social justice, and celebrate diversity.

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 Lauri Molnar, President

Lauri Molnar, President

Message from the President

Spring always feels like a rebirth to me and I so enjoy all the blooms and popping flowers.  It puts in perspective that it is time for us as a congregation to plot our future in Stark County and make our difference.  Through deeds not creeds, we will again collect paperback books for the Stark County local jail because so many there do not have access to books.  We are also planning to build a Free Library in front of the church for our local neighbors to take.  There will be a program this summer on sustainability and an opportunity to learn to make environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.  Come to the next social justice meeting on Mon. June 11th at 6:30 pm and be part of the blossoming creativity and excitement we are feeling at the UUCGC to change our world. 

It has been such an honor to serve as the UUCGC Board President and help us launch new innovative ways of moving our liberal and progressive thinking forward in the community.  We have had many services on being courageous and bold in these trying times and we have learned to make a difference together by rallying in our community for gun and immigration reform, writing postcards to our legislators, promoting Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio movements and by rewriting our bi-laws to meet the needs of the times. 

The excitement, team work and ability to make change happen has made me proud of the work of the UUCGC this past year and hopeful for our growing future here in Stark county.

I have learned much serving.  Thank you for your faith, friendship and willingness to forge a new path.

Lauri Molnar,
UUCGC President 2017-May 2018

 Rev. Beth Marshall

Rev. Beth Marshall

A Message from Rev. Beth Marshall

Something to consider over the summer months:

Many of you already know about the countless forces pushing against the survival and growth of the modern church, and yet, the human need for community has not diminished.  If anything, in this age of technological and digital communication there is a greater need than ever for places where families and individuals can come together and talk face to face about what is most important to them.   Nothing substitutes for being in the presence of people with whom you know you can be yourself, and who will honor your gifts and challenges. 

Despite schedules that are far more complicated than what families faced even 20 years ago, a congregation like UUCGC can be a haven for those times when we need to be comforted or when we need to be called back to our better selves.  A congregation like UUCGC can be that place where we find support during times of difficulty or celebrate our joys and successes.  A congregation like UUCGC can be that place from which members and friends mobilize in social action projects and events. 

A place like that takes the efforts and commitment of everyone, not just the hard work of a handful.  So the question to ponder over the summer months is this:  what might you be willing to do? What can you do to make sure that UUCGC is the best kind of community it can be? 

Trusting in faith,

Rev. Beth