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Sunday, May 26th - Lessons on the Journey

With Deb Kotte, CLM

Welcome to the UUCGC

We are an open-minded, progressive spiritual community.

Narcotics Anonymous

Every Monday and Wednesday night from 7p to 9p, the UUCGC hosts an NA meeting in the sanctuary.

We provide a caring and compassionate community, nurture the spiritual growth of our members and friends, promote religious freedom and social justice, and celebrate diversity.

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You are welcome here

Lauri Molnar, President

Lauri Molnar, President

We are a work in progress

We are a work in progress, and if we know better, we can do better. 2019 will be our year at the UUCGC to learn more about the ills of our community, our nation, and the world. We will tackle issues that face older LGBTQ people, immigration migration and family separation, prison reform, gun violence, religious persecution, inequality, human trafficking, economic inequality, and more. Yes, together we can learn, form opinions and deepen our understanding of the issues at hand. We are called to learn, be challenged, and find answers to what we believe is fair and just.

I am certain knowledge is our way to a more peaceful world and I challenge each of you to keep seeking that peaceful world with us here in Canton. Seeking a new understanding about how to be, how to create change within our community, in our church, and to be part of the change that our liberal inclusive religion keeps teaching. A path where we include all and a future that is sustainable.

It is a NEW YEAR!

Lauri Molnar
UUCGC Board President