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Sunday, January 20th - TBA

With Deb Kotte, CLM

Welcome to the UUCGC

We are an open-minded, progressive spiritual community.

Narcotics Anonymous

Every Monday and Wednesday night from 7p to 9p, the UUCGC hosts an NA meeting in the sanctuary.

We provide a caring and compassionate community, nurture the spiritual growth of our members and friends, promote religious freedom and social justice, and celebrate diversity.

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Lauri Molnar, President

Lauri Molnar, President

The Seasons Are Changing

We can, as UU’s, rely on each other to keep us unafraid not because there is no danger, but because we have each other, our faith and a spirit to seek and find our personal truth.  I find that I need prayer or a connection to my inner peace more often these days so that fear is not leading me through my day.  Here is a prayer that may help:   

Help us to be patient and kind.  Help us to understand one another. Help us to be joyful and thankful. Help us to use our days wisely. Help us to have faith in the right path.

With the coming of the holidays there is much to look forward to and to help us make our time with our church family and personal families very meaningful.

On November 11th our own Rev. Beth Marshall returns with an empowering service entitled Building Bigger Tables.  A service focusing on the radical notion that bringing people together around the table to share bread is one way to heal and connect at a time in our history when division risks becoming the norm.

Our stuffing box collection for families in need goes until the middle of November, followed by the yearly interfaith service where our Commission Lay Minister, Deb Kotte, participates in a very moving service with Canton area faith communities.  This service is a great opportunity to live your UU values, be present with many faith communities and enjoy conversation and refreshments after the service. 

Marti Livingston, our Youth Religious Education Director, has a service planned for the children and adults that will be playful and fun for all on December 16th.  On December 23rd we will have a special holiday service and our annual singing service on December 30th. 

Being patient, thankful for each of you and building a kinder future,

Lauri Molnar
UUCGC Board President

ID13: Prison literacy project

We will host ID13: Prison Literacy Project on Sunday, January 27, 2019 at 3:00 p.m. at the church. This hour long program will feature works written by inmates of the Lake Erie Correction Institute who have participated in the ID13 Project.

 The project was conceived and executed by Professor Christopher P. Dum of Kent State University and his graduate assistants. Professor Dum and his associates will introduce the project, present readings and answer questions after the program. This program will last about an hour and we will provide coffee and light refreshments.

Please visit for more information.