9/3 Rev. Beth Marshall
Healthy Responses to Life's Storms

9/10 Deb Chaney, commissioned lay minister, and Marti Livingstone, director of youth religious education
Water Communion / Welcome Back to our Youth Religious Education Programs

Intergenerational. Bring some water from a place you visited this summer -- or water that represents some place you hold dear. During this beloved service, we pour "waters of the world" into a shared bowl, symbolizing our unity.  Also, we will hold a special "Bridging" ceremony for our 6th graders who are moving ahead to our teen class. September is both a time of endings and beginnings. Summer vacation is over, but a new school has begun. We will greet new and returning students entering the Youth Program. 

9/17 Rev. Joan Van Becelaere
Reinventing protest?

For decades, we UUs have engaged in social justice work and have often used the strategy of mass public protest in our attempts to help bring about change. But in recent years, so many large protest efforts – by UUs and others – seem to be ineffectual and leave people frustrated and demoralized. We are left asking if mass public protest has lost its power to create change. Perhaps it is time to reinvent protest  – to find new and innovative ways to critique social dysfunction.

Can we develop a fresh approach to social change that engages our UU values and draws on deep sources of spiritual power to help create the Beloved Community?  Can we revive, resuscitate and reinvent the power of dissent for the 21st century? 

9/24 Deb Chaney, commissioned lay minister
The Beauty of Imperfection




Services begin  at 10:30 a.m. 

Dress is casual.

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