Sunday, February 18th  - Play Ball - Native American Racism in Popular Sports
With Rev. Michael Anderson

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We are an open-minded, progressive spiritual community.

We provide a caring and compassionate community, nurture the spiritual growth of our members and friends, promote religious freedom and social justice, and celebrate diversity.

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  • Services are held on Sunday mornings from 10:30 to 11:30.

  • Dress is casual. 

  • Our meeting space is wheelchair accessible and offers a hearing-assist system.  

  • If you need a way to get here, contact us at 330.232.5899.  A member of our congregation may be able to pick you up.

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Lauri Molnar, President

Lauri Molnar, President

A prayer to each of you:
I ask that, through all this day and always, help everyone in our church community be glad to go about doing good.  Amen

Doing good can be subjective. What is good to one person may not be good to another. And, I am reminded of this daily when hearing the news. As a church community, do we gather to nurture the good in each other? Are we doing good by making coffee, teaching our children, writing letters to our leaders? How do we balance the good wer do for church, community and family?

Maybe trusting that we at the UUCGC are providing the space for people to gather, learn and find their own good is enough. Finding your good if you’re a true UU, is up to you, but this is a lot harder than it sounds.

For me, being good includes the following:

Time:  Time for my husband, children, extended family which all live out of town, and friends.

Focus:  Going to a weekly toga class forces my active mind to become calm.

Passion:  Speaking up about a cause I care about including, children, women and people with disabilities.

Community:  Group gatherings stimulate my intellect and challenge my beliefs.

Service:  Service is saying kind words, being present at tough times, serving coffee if needed, speaking up for injustices, saying nothing sometimes, not judging, being a cheerleader, and patience.

My hope is that the UUCGC will help you also find your good!

Lauri Molnar, UUCGC President


Narcotics Anonymous Meetings

Every Monday and Wednesday night from 7p to 9p, the UUCGC hosts an NA meeting in the sanctuary.

Rev. Beth Marshall

Rev. Beth Marshall

A Message from Rev. Beth Marshall

Once upon a time, there was a congregation who wanted nothing more than to grow in faith and to serve its community. This particular congregation had many retired schoolteachers who were members, people who knew how to teach children to read, master the basics of math and understand the mysteries of science and art.

Down the hill from the church, there was a small school, and the congregation thought it might be a logical place to serve, putting all those retired teachers to work doing what they did best – teaching children.  

So, after much discussion, the leaders of the congregation set up a meeting with the school principle, to offer their tutoring services.  The principle listened patiently, while the church leaders explained, in great detail, all that they could offer to the children.  When the leaders finished speaking, the principle was silent for a moment, gathering her thoughts. The church leaders were not prepared for her answer. "I deeply appreciate your offer to supply tutors for our children. But, quite honestly, we aren't in need of more tutors. I am very sorry." The church leaders sat in stunned silence, not knowing how to respond.  After a few moments of silence, one of the church leaders asked simply, “What is it you do need?” The principle smiled, inhaled deeply, and answered tentatively, "Well", she said, "we've recently lost our janitor to
budget cuts and the toilets must be cleaned." To their credit, the church leaders looked at each other and, without missing a beat, responded, "Where do we begin?"

The moral of the story being, that despite our best intentions, the ways we want to serve our communities may not be what is needed most.  To be successful, we may need to be willing to put aside our own agendas and expectations, and listen to what the greatest needs really are. We may be surprised and challenged, and in that challenge, find ways to truly serve. And, it may mean cleaning toilets.

And that is okay.

Rev. Beth